Capoeira 20101023 Open Workout

I did au's and practiced lifting my hands. I would lift the hand that comes down first after planting the second hand. And if that gets back to the ground then I would lift the hand that came down first.

I practiced the corta capim. I went down into equiva baixa (say to the right), then I reach out (to the right), draw the back leg in (the left leg), and the other leg comes out and forward into negativa (the right leg). I occasionally threw in an extra spin or two. And then once or twice I tried to transition to an S-dobrado.

I tried coming out of the bridge. When I was able to do it, I wondered hmm... And then stood up, planted my hands staggered and flipped my legs over and pushed up. How fun...

I tried going into ponte and kicking my legs over. I finally made it after three or four tries. The first time I felt so close. I joked with Jason and Grace that a little breeze would have tipped me over to completion. The second and third time weren't close.

I did some headstands pushing up into handstands.

We practiced our vingativas into queixada. We did the three-person line-up. Two people throw the queixadas and one person dodges and vingativas. We slightly practiced the people taking the vingativa can occasionally try to avoid it, but stepping back or around. Around is pretty hard. And not so natural.

We played for a little. Though it was tiring with only three people.

Earlier, Brian was with us (Jason, Grace, and I), but he left before we played for a little.
I think I was out there from about 5 to 6:30.

Besides doing some of the above,
Jason was working on his beija flor.
Grace was working on her headstand.

Oh I just remembered, I did a little of au to negativa.

I haven't been practicing kicks. I suppose I should do that either today (20101024) and/or tomorrow (20101025).