Capoeira 20101019

So I've been studying pretty hard lately. And today, after class, I had section, after section, I had some tea and cookies, after tea and cookies I had beef teriyaki at what is formerly C&C Carryout, then I went home and took a nap. I had decided I would take a nap and let my body decide whether it wanted to go to dance or capoeira today. And so it woke up at 7:15. And at that point, I thought... well then... I will go to capoeira today, only if I'm allowed to play the berimbau. If not, I'll just head home and get back to work. So I put on my batizado shirt and abadas. Strung my berimbau and headed out. Pescador said I could play berimbau, but first I had to do the samba workout.

Today Diana and Sarah taught a reggae samba sequence.
First a warmup: Hips left to right. Hips front and back. Hips clockwise. Hips counter-clockwise. Shoulders rotate opposite direction. Then the other way. Then same forward. Same back. Now hips and shoulders.
Beginning the sequence: Going down the floor.
Step right and start with the shoulders moving your body in down into the hips. Then step left with the same motion. Then right. Then left. Etc.
Next part of the sequence.
So you just finished left. Weight is on the left. Right foot taps forward, taps back, taps forward. Then clap your hands and jump to the right, turning so that you can do the same with the left foot. Then with the right. Then with the left. After the last clap, go back to the first part and then continue going into the clapping.
Third part of the sequence:
You just clapped and jumped back to the left. Now kick out with the left and punch with the right. Then step, going sideways but in the opposite direction of the kick, left, right, left. Then kick right and punch left to your left, and step back sideways, right, left, right. Then repeat to the left. And then to the right.
Fourth part: We lined up.
So unlike samba which sort of has forward stepping feet, this has side stepping. So spread your feet about shoulder width. Then right foot steps out. Left in place. Right steps back. Left steps out. Right in place. Left steps back. And then the hips go into it. Bending at the knees is suppose to help I think. Of course I feel like I'm missing something, because while I might look awkward doing the other motions, I definitely feel awkward doing this basic side stepping movement.

Regular class:
Pescador starts off with some switching exercises. Has the students doing movements from last week. So the main idea being the fake movement.

Main idea:
Ginga base. Right foot steps across. Left foot picks up, but instead of finishing back, it only comes to behind the right leg, and comes back down to where it came from. This saves you time and throws the other person off. From here you would have various options.

So the first two or three little patterns involve switching.
You can step back into ginga base, do the step back and forward switch. Then do the half-moon switch. Or do the side replacement switch. And then somewhere in there you can do the fake.

Main sequence, after it's been fully built up:
A: facing north.
B: facing south.
A: Armada to the west
B: Esquiva to the west, but at the same time is only doing the fake coming across, so the motion starts back to the east.
B: As soon as A's leg passes, B should enter into an armada going east.
A: A's back leg (left leg) steps across (to the west) and A esquivas to the east.
B: finishes the armada (left leg back)
A: Martelo's with the right leg. Because coming out of the esquiva the supporting leg is the left leg.
B: steps forward with the left, and equivas to the right.

Because there is an odd number of people, I partner up with Graca.

Two rodas, open, yellow-orange and up can switch between rodas, just using music on the speakers.

Regular Push-ups. I think we did 10 of these, I don't remember.
On elbows, lift right leg (straight). 10 reps. lift leg leg. 20 reps. Done. I did 10 extra reps on the right leg.