Capoeira 20101012

Across the floor:
Ginga. Meia lua de compasso to the right. Right leg finishes back. Staying low to the ground, right leg steps forward to the left leg, and continuing in a counter-clockwise motion, left leg comes around and thus you've advanced, left leg is still forward. Plant the right hand down to the right, right leg wraps around the left and kick a chapéu de couro (to the right, with the left leg). So at the end you have your left leg back, right leg forward. Either bring the front leg back, or back leg front, or turn, but at this point you can transition to a macaco. The more advanced can try sweeping the back leg across around and across the front, and into an s-dobrado.

Sit-ups. 50 each side. Raise one leg and reach with both hands to your feet.

Partner exercise:
Hands and feet on the floor. Moving around. No role, no au.

Two rodas:
Just movement.
Open roda, but after a kick, go down into a movement.

Open Roda.

Spread your legs a reasonable distance. Hands in front of your legs. Each set go out farther.
I found these to be a little rough on the knees. I might have been doing them wrong. But modified the positions of my legs and hands to avoid excessive pressure on the knees.