Capoeira 20101009 Open Workout

enjoyed the weather
brian, charlie, christian, me
at some point netta stopped by to play a little berimbau
i really enjoyed the sun...
i mostly thought about different motions...
i previously had an idea to use words as inspiration for movements in the roda. for example, you can try to spell elephant, but going low for e, coming up for l, coming back down for e, dropping into a really low movement like a negativa for p, come up but then arch for the h, stay low for the a, arch for the n, and do a kick for the t. But really it can be anything. Do an "au" for the "a" and a "negativa" for the "n" if you want. It's just suppose to facilitate moving around the roda. however, today I didn't feel much like moving up and down, so I just used vowels to indicate moving in and out
and consonants to go around the circle
consecutive vowels I decided can indicate a switch.
it was pretty fun
charlie and i did macacos down and back...
he did au's with christian down and back
charlie and i did one handed au's down and back (we alternated which hand we put down, but faced the same direction going each way)
christian, charlie, and I played for a little bit