Capoeira 20101007

At the end of dance, I ran over to the Hillel. I get changed on the stairway. Pop in. Everybody is in a circle and Pescador is talking about a take-down counter. My note to remember what to draw after my exam is have both people with horse stance facing away from each other. But then A has his right arm wrapped around B's waist/upper body. Or coming into this position for the take-down. B reacting in time draws the right leg back and in doing so should catch A's right leg. B has several options with the right hand. A shove to the chest or leveraging around the waist. But not a neck grip, since then B would fall to the ground with A.

Everybody partners up. Because I came late, I figure I should partner up with anybody. I spend the time doing consecutive roles around and around a center point.

After this take-down, the entire class is divided into two rodas. We are only to do armadas immediately followed by a movement and movements. Eventually, we expand to queixadas immediately followed by a movement.

Finally, birthday roda for Ellina! Yay!