Capoeira 20101005

Our culture show audition. We met at 7:15, waiting for a 7:30 audition time. Although things ran a little late. This year, our audition was met with, as far as I could tell, only positive feedback. We came in, played for five minutes, starting immediately with a fast game.

In any case, after the audition I left to catch the end of dance class.

After dance class, I ran to the Hillel and was able to participate in some down the floor exercises (au with a partner and walk with all four on the floor, looking under your legs, but also making circles around your partner). I prefer the walking on all fours, looking under your legs randomly squished in half of the Hillel floor space than to do what we did down the floor with a partner. But it was fun to try once.

Then we did a sequence. Ginga base. Meia lua de frente + armada. Turn and moving forward. Jump back. Esquiva baixa. Turn away to negativa, peeking around the shoulder. Switch up to esquiva de lado. Down to esquiva de lado. Role.

Video coming after my exam.