Capoeira 20100930

On Tuesday (20101005), I asked about Thursdays class and there was a sequence which for everybody did meia lua de compasso (to the left), swing your legs clockwise around the front, doing a 360. When the feet stop, the right hand is planted and you go into a ponte. Come out of the ponte from the direction you came and then bring both legs through, bringing the other hand down. Draw both legs in, bending at the legs, still supporting yourself on the arms, then stick your left leg out to the left, putting yourself into a negativa position, ending the sequence. You can add a role moving away form your opponent at the end. You can add a queixada.

Netta did her own little version of the sequence. Instead of just swing her legs in front, she kicked them over. Goes into ponte. Open on the other side, into a queda de rin with the legs separated. And they come forward going into a negativa. Role.

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