Capoeira 20100926 Open Workout

The weather was being good to us. Early today it was raining and we almost thought we would have to train indoors. But there was a nice little patch of grass on the upper quad which wasn't muddy. In fact, I liked how soft it felt, or at least how soft I thought it felt.

Nico practiced various things including his backhand spring and mortal.

Grace practiced her au. [20100930:] Grace joined Tom in the ab workout. She also did some beija flors.

Jason attempted some flip ups.

Tom practiced some beija flors and got some ab workout in. The ab workout was encouraging and some of us got some ab workout in also. [20100930:] Nico suggested we spell the alphabet. Capital letters.

Sarah showed us her splits. [20100930:] Sarah joined Grace and Tom in the ab workout.

I tried to do more au sem maos. Falling again.
I was told I might have also been lacking the kick with the second leg.
Then also that perhaps I wasn't even doing the form of the au sem mao, lol.
And then the last tip was to try and do this different move, that I can try changing into an au sem mao, by bringing the legs higher and the torso lower.
Oh, I also worked on my jumping into a brief handstand, but lowering into a headstand, and then pushing back up into a handstand.
[20100930:] I joined Sarah, Grace, and Tom in the ab workout.

There was also laughing about laughter yoga and other fun talk.

[20100930:] Proof that Grace was practicing beija flors: