Capoeira 20100925 Open Workout

A snapshot of what transpired:

Netta was going through recent sequences, using my drawings as a reference.

Charlie was working walking on his hands and macaco.

Grace practiced some au's.

Jess was hanging out and watching.

Brian was working on everything he had already learned.

I was working on au sem mao.
I kept putting my second hand down.
I was told to just not put my second hand down and fall on my butt if I had to.
I did just that. And it wasn't bad, falling on my butt.
In fact I did it about three more times.
I was told to try and alternate, sometimes putting the hand down, sometimes not. I understood the idea, that maybe I would mix the good form that came with the security of dropping the hand with not dropping the hand.
I was given the idea to think of turning the hands as on the wheels of a bus.
It was good having the courage to not put the hands down. I just need to remember the height instead of the distance.

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