Capoeira 20100914 Outdoor

Today's capoeira class was an outdoor class and was geared towards new students. As such, we began with forming the ginga base. Feet spread apart. Bend at the knees. Step right foot back. Bring the right arm up and the left arm to the side. Then we move to the center. And to the other side. Then slowly we go left and right when told to do so.

After the basic ginga, I think we did some esquivas.

We also did au tic e toc. Example: begin the au to the left, but don't left the hands after the legs land. Instead, bring the legs back over to the right. And then back over to the left. The hands come off after this third pass.

There was down the floor doing au (cartwheel) in pairs, and then role parallel in pairs. I paired up with Graig, and that was interesting for both of us, as it forced me to make my movements longer, and forced him to make his movements shorter.

Then the class did an exercise in pairs. I roughly remember it being role together in the same direction, then au back in the direction you came from. It might have been a fake armada to role or a role followed by a role.

Side remark:
The main reason I don't remember the above sequence is that I hadn't intended to train on this day, because after the batizado, I was looking forward to letting my ankle rest. But the arame on my berimbau broke and I prefer to participate in one form or another, so I trained. However, in regards to the above sequence, on most repetitions I had modified the movement and/or skipped steps in order to reduce and/or avoid impact on the ankle.

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