Capoeira 20100911 Batizado


Pairs and Triplets:

Disaster. Success.

Stress. Happiness.

Pain. Strength.

The three pairs above make up the bulk of my experience during Capoeira Luanda Baltimore, Maryland's (CLBMD) first batizado.

Success. Disaster. Success.

Happiness. Stress. Happiness.

Pain. Strength. Pain.

The three triplets above elaborate the experience.

Whatever these pairs and triplets represent, that's open to interpretation. If you came to the batizado, feel free to comment with your own set of pair and triplets.

Summary of Batizado:

Got a shirt.
Slowly warming up individually.
Form a roda and squat. Start playing to warm up.
Warm-up roda becomes a regular roda.
At some point people are thanked.
It is reminded at some point only previously approved video footage can be taken.
Instructors play.
Cords are given.
White. Yellow-white. Yellow. Orange-yellow. Blue-orange. Green.
Samba roda.

After Batizado:

Played a little outside.
Got a smoothie.
Ate at Niwana's.
Head down to Arcos for more food.
Dancing at Arcos.
After the after party.
Winding down.

Next day:

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