Capoeira 20100908 Open Workout Outdoor

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Open Workout Outdoor

It was just a small group of four, but it was still fun.

We get in a square, ABCD.
Person A throws a quexada at B, B goes to any esquiva available to them and tries to follow with a movement.
Then B throws a quexada at C, C goes to any esquiva and so on. (C at D, D at A).
After some rounds, we did A at B and C at D, then B at C and D at A and repeat.
Occasionally, we would reversed the movement so B at A and D at C, then C at B and A at D.
We also did this square with meia lua de frente, meia lua de compasso, and armada.

We also practiced both kinds of switches in footing. The one we learned 20100829 and 20100831 and an older switch that has been shown to us.

We considered ways to enter into an au and ways to enter into a handstand.

We did a little of fake meia lua de compasso to a martelo, fake meia lua de compasso to meia lua de compasso, and martelo de sol.

We spent some time just focusing on our ginga.

We played for a couple minutes.
Then we slowed down the game and focused on controlling our movement.
Then the sprinklers turned on at 10 pm and we left.

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