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Prior to this post, there was some consistency in the way I posted physical activities. Reasonably, any activity that had a lesson involved was posted by . Examples include dance classes, capoeira, and parkour. However, I recently realized there were activities that can be recorded, but don't require much comment, because they were done without lessons. These include Volleyball 20091204, Bowling 20091211, Boules: Petanque [20100101], Billiards, and Badminton [20100106, 20100211]. Besides not requiring much comment, because these physical activities make up a small percentage of my posts, there's definitely the likelihood I've done an activity without recording it. Now there's nothing wrong with not recording something, but I've recently had a surge in activity and felt like it was worth recording.

While I could possibly locate every non-dance and non-capoeira activity that I haven't logged, it would be worth too much trouble. Instinctively, I feel like I can recall all activity, barring one to three instances of badminton. While in CA, I rode my bike around the park. I took a walk around my neighborhood. I rode my bike to the beach and back. On a trip to the beach with my family, I swam a couple short laps. There was also a day I went to the beach and played some volleyball. Returning to MD, there was a Thursday in July where I played badminton with friends. Just rallying.

In any case, let me present... August.

20100805 Badminton. Rallying. Xuehua, Ling, Xin, and Various Unknown.
20100807 Badminton. 3 Games, Rotation. Xuehua, Jing, Unknown.
20100807 Badminton. 2 Games. Unknown.
20100807 Weight Room. Back extension, 2 sets of 10, body weight. Lever seated fly, 1 set of 10, 25 lbs. Vertical crunch, 2 sets of 10.
20100807 Baseketball. Make 50 shots at the center, behind the second hash mark. Make 50 free throws. Make 50 shots total from either side of the key, behind the first hash mark (low block). Note: including the low block, there are four hash marks on either side of the key.
20100808 Badminton. Rallying. Capoeira friends.
20100815 Badminton. Rallying. Arash, Xuehua.
20100815 Basketball. Make 20 free throws. The gym was closing in 30 minutes. And when they announced it was closed, I had only gotten to 19. There was a lot of pressure to get that 20th shot in. It took about 6 tries.
20100816 Basketball. Make 20 shots total from either side of the key, behind the first hash mark. Joined as the 10th player in a basketball game. Since I've only just started practicing my shots, I did what I know how to do, play defense by sticking on the person I was told to cover. I think the two different people I covered got annoyed, but it's the only way I can contribute at the moment so. After a second person injured himself due to a slippery court, the game dispersed. 100 free throws: I started with a goal to make 50 free throws. I made 56 when the announcement that the gym was closing in 30 minutes. When I had reached 50 when I decided to go to 75. And I think I felt like I was making good progress. I got to about 65 when 20 minutes were left. Then by the time gym closing was announced, I was able to get in the 100th shot. 44 in 30 minutes compared to yesterday's 20 in 30 minutes. Or 35 in 20 minutes. It's too much to keep track of attempts, which might contribute, but I did feel like I made shots at a higher frequency than yesterday. I'd say the main factor is getting some sort of intuitive focus. I find there are three ways I can do that: 1) being tired (right after the game dispersed, I was making several shots, and little to know thought went into it, 2) turning peer pressure into positive pressure (like instead of thinking about failing, I start thinking about impressing), 3) when the clock is ticking down I get rushed, and so I remind myself to calm down and relax. In terms of technique, I felt near the end that I made more shots if I lined up the shooting hand/arm with the basket, instead of the center of my body.
20100823 Basketball. Goal: Make 100 free throws. Made 126 free throws. Breakdown:
Made 27 out of 100 shots from 8:21 to 8:41 PM
Made 33 out of 100 shots from 8:42 to 9:02 PM
Made 25 out of 100 shots from 9:03 to 9:27 PM (Varied my position along the free throw line behind the key)
Made 15 out of 061 shots from 9:28 to 9:42 PM (15 successful shots is what it took to complete my goal of 100)
Made 11 out of 039 shots from 9:43 to 9:52 PM (39 attempted shots is what it took to complete an even four hundred attempts)
Free throw percentage = 27.8%
This is a long ways away from 75%, but hopefully that old adage is true: "practice makes perfect."

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