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BLEACH by Tite Kubo

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I read three volumes consecutively in the morning. They contain some epic battles, and you really see Ichigo's growth as a Soul Reaper. There's also a lot of mystery growing that turns the plot into something bigger than how it started, but you only get hints as to what's happening.

In the late midnight hours, I was ready to go to sleep, but instead decide to open Volume 14. After reading Volume 14, I couldn't help but read 15. Fortunately, Volume 15 sort of had a pause at the end of it, and so I was able to put off reading Volume 16.

Volume 14-16 I bought at once, because they were missing from Barnes and Noble, so after a long enough wait of them not showing up on their own, I put in an order for them. They notified me on the eleventh that they had arrived and so I went to buy them. In any case, after reading Volume 16, I'm anxious to buy Volume 17+. The plot is unfolding and I know, by having looked into a few pages of 17, 18, or 19, that the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya is nearing. Regardless, there is still Zaraki's fight against two other captains to see.

I went to Barnes and Noble and was disappointed to find Volume 17 had a crease down the center of the spine. The page edges were also a little bent. As such, I decided to read it and buy a nice copy when I come across one. This volume had very little Ichigo. The volume centered around Zaraki against Tosen and Renji against Byakuya. There are various other elements spread across the volume and it has an eccentric, almost disorderly structure to it.

Haha, I just learned that if I the series interests me enough that I get to Volume 31/32 then I'll have to start waiting three month intervals for each new issue to come out. Unless there's unofficial translations of the Japanese releases. But even that only goes to 46. Of course, that's monetarily sound: $8 every three months.

Again, in the late midnight hours, I decide to read some Bleach. Some new characters are introduced and some history with the characters is given. We are shown that Ichigo has great power, but it's not really explained how or why.

Haha, this late midnight hour readings are gonna destroy me. j/k. Ichigo vs. Byakuya. Sweet.

Uh... the end to this is a little confusing. I think this might be where the story becomes less interesting. I might consider not buying any more volumes and only read them as I see them in store. They sort of get sparse after Volume 20 anyways.

It's been a while since I've read the manga and decided to pick up with Volume 21. I did, however, watch some of the anime again back in September (the first main story arc and the filler Bount story arc). It is quite a delight to be reading the Arrancar story arc.

I didn't want to ruin my copy of Volume 24 so I left it at home. I definitely plan to buy the Arrancar story arc, but for now, I'll read some English translations, including Volume 24.

While I almost couldn't stop, I read up to and including Volume 27 (I also read the first chapter of Volume 28).

At this point, I'm most excited about knowing more about Ichigo's dad and Orihime. To a smaller extent, I'm interested in Chad's powers; Urahara drops a hint to the reader that he knows its source.

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