Capoeira 20100810

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The scanner I had has been broken for a while, otherwise I'd have pictures like below for all my capoeira posts! Anyhow, I recently got a working scanner, so if there are any sequences from older posts that you would like to see drawn let me know (preferably by posting a comment). Also, if a particular sequence needs clarification, I can draw in the details.

Remember, you can always click on an image to get a larger version of it.

Left: Position of legs in esquiva
Right: Esquiva baixa.

First sequence.
1) ginga position
2) esquiva de lado
3) ginga position
4) center position
5) esquiva.


Au down the floor with partners

Walk on hands.
Those who can't, take 3 steps, bring up your legs, bring them down, and repeat. Always keep a hand to the floor.

Down the floor in partners.
It's like a mix between a role and an au.

Ginga in partners.
Ginga and au in partners.
Ginga and role in partners.

Roda with au, role, or esquiva.

Meia lua de frente.
1) ginga position
2) central position but body weight towards the left
3) switch body weight to the right and raise the left left, the leg swings across, power coming from the hips, so the pelvis is thrust forward, upper body leaning slightly back
4) the leg returns down in front of you
5) central position with body weight towards the right
6) ginga position

In partners:
A: Meia lua de frente
B: Esquiva

Not part of class:
1) enter au
2) in au
3) first foot lands, swing the other one across
4) the other one plants, then finish role
5) stand up from role

Top left: Pescador loves doing this one, though I haven't asked about it yet. It's where he sweeps both legs across. Typically startling the other person.
Top right: This one was new, or at least I don't remember seeing for a while. Pescador goes in for a kick, or maybe an au. Only one hand is planted. But maybe you can do it with two. In any case, the legs are split and he lands in a legs split, queda de rin. The motion is fluid.
Bottom left: One way to transition into a walkover. Startle the opponent by planting a foot in front of you. Then arch back. The foot you placed in front of you will go up first. (Netta)

As these were the ones I tried to remember to transcribe, they have a simplicity and mesmerizing effect to them. There's certain movements that are awesome, but are not movements I intend to practice any time soon.

Oh, so this is one of those days I decided not to train. Today, it was because so much of my focus has returned to math. Click on the above picture to see an excerpt of my notes.