Capoeira 20100805 Maculele

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Today we do maculele. To be honest, I had played quite a bit of badminton at 4 and my feet were killing. So I was planning to come to class to just watch. Nobody would have it and I did the excellent job of bring my capoeira pants. So I grudgingly changed into them and practiced. The practice was good, but during the roda, I was a little out of focus. Certain moves weren't clicking, and the different capoeira songs I knew just weren't flowing. I was stumbling with moves and stumbling with songs. I think I was exhausted, physically and mentally. In any case, here's the class summary!

Basic move.
Turn, on the count of three. Turn twice.
Under the leg to the right, center, under the leg to the left.
Down on the right knee, then the left knee, then get up.
Squat to the ground, lay your right stick down, spread open your legs, then return to the squat and get up.
Running move.
The end.

Did the "competition"

Practiced the various movements freely in partners.

Open Roda (not maculele)

Note: I will try to get around to elaborating the moves, for now I just wanted to post the quick summary.