Movie A Very Long Engagement (2004)

Watched 20100707 (Netflix Instant Self) (French audio, English subtitles)
A Very Long Engagement (2004) Jeanne-Pierre Jeunet. 133 min.
also known as Un long dimanche de fiançailles (France, original title)

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This movie is long and great. The movie does a good job with pacing as far as pacing can get. The movie tells itself like a mystery. The one criticism I have is in the final note of the movie. If the movie was a musical piece, I felt as if the ending was a deceptive cadence instead of an authentic cadence. The movie slowly builds up tension, very slowly at first, and then a lot at the end. Then there is a drop, and you expect the final tension to occur. But you are shown something that leaves you to fill in the blanks. Now, I'm not opposed to filling in the blanks of a movie, but there's something that should happen before I fill in the blanks. Some sort of lasting emotion that I should feel. Perhaps, if they ended the movie after the lines spoken at 2:05, the movie would have felt right to me. In any case, excellent film.

I forgot to mention the passion that's in the film was also well done.

The order in which the story is told is also done correctly. It doesn't take long to figure out where in a timeline each scene belongs.

Go watch this movie.

With regards to the if statement... One of the if statements was stated, if something then he won't die. And if I understood correctly the something did not occur. One might start worrying at this point, except for the fact that one would be jumping to bad conclusions. It is similar to the following tale: A father and son are at the table and the kid won't eat his peas. The father tells the son, "If you don't eat your peas, I won't give you ice cream." Afraid of the consequence for not eating his peas, the kid quickly finishes his peas. After finishing his dinner, the son asks, "Can I please have my ice cream now?" The father replies, "Why? Did I say I would give you ice cream if you eat your peas?"

Tear-jerking moments:
?:?? If I get there before the car comes around the bend...
1:53 He spoke of a heart throbbing.
1:59 When she gets a letter
2:02 When her aunt is crying

Audrey Tautou ... Mathilde
Gaspard Ulliel ... Manech
Dominique Pinon ... Sylvain
Chantal Neuwirth ... Bénédicte
André Dussollier ... Pierre-Marie Rouvières
Ticky Holgado ... Germain Pire
Marion Cotillard ... Tina Lombardi
Dominique Bettenfeld ... Ange Bassignano
Jodie Foster ... Elodie Gordes
Jean-Pierre Darroussin ... Benjamin Gordes
Clovis Cornillac ... Benoît Notre-Dame
Jean-Pierre Becker ... Esperanza
Denis Lavant ... Six-Soux
Jérôme Kircher ... Bastoche
Albert Dupontel ... Célestin Poux