Movie Superman Doomsday (2007)

Watched 20100720 (Netflix, Instant) 74 minutes. Note: I believe the movie time given by Netflix is without the credits.
Superman Doomsday (2007) Lauren Montgomery, Bruce W. Timm, Brandon Vietti. 75 min.

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I think this would be the second Superman movie that I've seen, at least as far as remembering movies go. This means that I might have seen bits and parts of older Superman movies, but I was probably too young to remember them. The first Superman movie being Superman Returns. In any case, this one is animation and I like the final battle. The long hair is especially cool. Although I was a little surprised with the plot regarding Doomsday. The plot suggests that no one could kill it and so instead locked it up. And then as far as the movie lets on, he was successfully defeated. Also, it would suggest Doomsday could survive being thrown into the sun, which would seem to me like something one would try to kill something, and yet it died in battle against Superman. ::shrug:: I don't think the aliens that locked Doomsday up tried their best.

I always wonder about the buildings that break in battles that destroy a lot of buildings in the comic world. It must be rough on the cities. Is it covered under insurance? Lol. And why is it that civilians are always in the middle of the street? Do they have a death wish? Is it their version of running with the bulls? Maybe I'm missing something.

Getting back to the movie, I haven't dealt with too much animation watching, and I can't say much. The story was decent.

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