Movie Speed (1994)

Watched once before.
Watched 20100710 (Netflix, Instant)
Speed (1994) Jan de Bont. 116 min.

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First off, because I've seen the movie before, I chose to watch this movie so that I can multi-task. Another reason I chose to watch this movie was because I didn't remember what happened in the movie. In fact, I thought the movie opened by a failure and that the movie would progress by overcoming that failure.

There were two or three moments in this movie that just felt repetitive. To make reference to an earlier part of the film is allowed and in fact expected, but to essentially repeat a scene makes a movie boring.

But its Keanu Reeves's bad dialogue delivery that ruins the movie for me. Sandra Bullock is there to recover some of the damage.

In any case, its worth watching. Perhaps you'll enjoy it more than I did.

Sandra Bullock's role in this movie was bigger and better than her role in Crash, which I watched several hours before watching this movie.

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