Movie Saint Ralph

Watched 20100719 (Netflix, Instant)
Saint Ralph (2004) Michael McGowan. 98 min

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What a movie. As I mentioned below the race was emotionally intense. After the race, what makes up the ending, I also enjoyed. The story was well written and the actors were great. The part that I didn't completely understand was why Father Fitzpatrick was the way he was. They have the one scene to show that he's been that way for a while, but its not clear that its just a personality trait. This is minor and the movie was great. Plus, I made mention of types of antagonists in my Matilda (1996) movie post and he's the kind that comes around, so its easier to overlook him being a bully.

Is it just me or does Tamara Hope look a little like Anna Paquin?

Great music.

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lol 12 pool
lol 25 rope
LOL 38 sandpaper. I was surprised when I heard it. Laughing when it started.
Hmm... it wasn't clear before what the head father had a problem, but at 0:59, it seems he had some injustice done to him.
Hehe, 1:04...
From a little before the start of the race to the end of the race, I was full of emotion. It could have been the music. I'm not sure.