Movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

Watched 1st fifth 20100716, 2nd-5th fifth 20100718 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched 20151007 (Netflix, Instant)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Kevin Reynolds. 143 min

Robin Hood (Kevin Costner)
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20100716: [20151007 Edit]
I found myself having trouble hearing the sound - even with my volume at its max - and consequently I wasn't entirely engaged with the movie.

While there was a lot of action and stunts, I found the dialogue was lacking. Having watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights, which is largely a spoof of this movie, I enjoyed Men in Tights better. In particular, there seemed to be more motivation behind Robin Hood's actions in Men in Tights compared to that in Prince of Thieves.

Azeem (Morgan Freeman)
With a 144 minute runtime, Men in Tights was too long relative to its pace. In contrast, Inception was 148 minutes long, but it went by much quicker. Gone with the Wind, The King and I, and West Side Story weren't face-paced movies, but they had a lot of substance.

It was fun watching Morgan Freeman and Alan Rickman perform. Sean Connery's appearance at the end was also a delight. As for Kevin Costner, I'm unfamiliar with most of his works - I've only seen bits and parts of Waterworld - but it seemed like he played the light-hearted aspect of Robin Hood well.

Marian Dubois (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)
Overall, the dialogue diminished what this movie could have been. With that being said, Freeman and Rickman held my interest throughout the movie.

This time, I had no problem with hearing the sound, but the movie was still sluggish every now and then, especially towards the beginning.

The inconsistent or lack of accents were also a flaw of the movie. So much so that in Men in Tights, Robin Hood (Cary Elwes) says, "Because, unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent."

While I probably wouldn't watch this movie again on its own, I think one day I'd be willing to watch it alongside Robin Hood: Men in Tights!

Sheriff George of Nottingham (Alan Rickman)
Instant Comments:
I had forgotten that Robin Hood: Men in Tights spoofed this movie.
"Join us, or die."
You can hear Morgan Freeman's regular voice when he says "She was worth dying for."
I realize fifteen minutes into the movie that the spoof is practically scene for scene.

Dungeon > Kissing Sand > Saving a Boy > Returning to His Home (and finding Duncan, whose been blinded) > [later in the movie:] Nottingham & Mortianna > Duel with Little John > Training of Merry Men > Catapult > Forced Marriage > King Richard
[still groaning from his genitals being kicked] "Hello, Marian."
"...burn my hair as a child."

Lol. The telescope.
"How did your uneducated kind ever take Jeruselum?"
Interesting. So I wondered how the horse which carried Azeem and Duncan was going nearly as fast as the horse carrying Robin. Azeem reveals that they were unable to lose their pursuers because his carried two and Robin's horse is lame.
: Lameness - abnormal gait or stance of an animal that is a result of dysfunction of the locomotor system (
"...John Little, or should I call you Little John."
"Robin do something for me..." [...] "Take a bath."
"No, to lead you."
"Why a spoon, cousin. Why not an axe, or..."
Ha. "And call off Christmas."

Duncan (Walter Sparrow)
The branch barely hits him, but the sound effect was loud.
"Do you yield?" [pretends to whimper] "I'd rather roast in hell."
Haha. "Well at least I didn't use a spoon."
How convenient, she gets positioned where the blade is best placed in the frame. :p
Did he lick the feather to give the arrow a spin?
"Shut up, you twit!"
"Fuck me, he cleared it."
The irony. Technically she killed herself.
That leg split was hilarious.
"Here's 30 pieces of silver... to pay the devil... on your way to hell!"
Hehe. Sean Connery's caemo is good, but the Prince of Thieves spoof is more memorable.

Little John (Nick Brimble)