Movie Julie & Julia (2009)

Watched First 1hour53minutes 20100719, Last 10minutes 20100721 (Netflix, Instant) 123 minutes.
Julie & Julia (2009) Nora Ephron. 123 min.

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20100719, 20100721:
So I feel like I can relate to this movie in multiple ways. First, yesterday (20100719), before watching the movie, I was out browsing for things I might need to buy and I made a decision that everyday I would cook a new recipe and would have to get the pots, pans, and other cooking utensils I would need as necessary. I found that undertaking the task would be difficult. The cost I was willing to endure. Of course today I failed, but I had to cook some chicken that I had left in the freezer, so hopefully I can do this plan tomorrow. In my mind I needed a shelf to put the utensils, and well... at some point the excuses have to end... Well, my goal is different from Julie's goal. I want to learn to cook well enough for someone important in my life to enjoy. And I have time at the moment to learn, so I should make use of it.

Continuing on... watching the relationship between Julie and her husband, and then Julia and her husband, is bittersweet. It reminds me of spending time with my girlfriend, but on the other end, she's not around at the moment to enjoy spending time with her and that made me a little sad. Especially at the part where Julie and her husband get in a little fight.

Then there's the blog factor of the movie. Like Julie, I remember when I first blogged wondering if anybody even read what I posted. Then there was the first comment. And then at some point, I supposed that there were people out there who read what I have to say. In some part, I write for myself, but its neat to share my experiences.

I feel asleep at some point and haven't had the chance to complete the movie yet.

Amy Adams is great! Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep are also great. Mary Lynn Rajskub! Chris Messina is okay.

I was initially surprised to learn I had watched so much of the movie before falling asleep. But if I think about it, the reason I stayed up was because I thought I could finish the movie. Apparently I decided to sleep close to the end. In any case, the ending was okay. The bulk of the movie makes up for the ending.

Excellent movie, especially if you love cooking.

Good movie. Excellent if you have an interest in cooking.

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