Movie East of Eden (1955)

Watched 1st quarter 20100727, 2nd-4th quarter 20100728 (Netflix, Instant)
East of Eden (1955) Elia Kazan. 115 min [loosely bot second half otnotsn (1952) by John Steinbeck]

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20100727, 20100728:
The first quarter was slow and didn't grasp my attention.
After the end of the second quarter, the movie picked up for me.
At about 1:47, the title reference is made.

At first I didn't see why the movie was a classic. But eventually it came through.

The score got cut off at the end. 1:57:34.

James Dean is cool. Though Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke (1967) is cooler. Or perhaps James Dean is cooler in East of Eden than Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke, but Cool Hand Luke is overall a better movie than East of Eden.

In less words, East of Eden is worth watching, but I like Cool Hand Luke more and would watch Cool Hand Luke again.