Movie Date Night (2010)

Released 20100409.
Watched 20100701 Theatre. Picture Show @ Main Place [] $2.
Watched 20100704 In-flight movie
Date Night (2010)

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We had trouble finding the theater, because we didn't realize it was in the mall. I had to call my good friend Jorge, for this was his local cheap theater, to realize this fact. In any case, this caused us to be a couple minutes late. Josh had seen the movie, and afterwards told us the little bit which we missed.

Regarding the movie, while a bit far fetched, it was a lot of fun to watch. I wish I knew Tina Fey's work better. I've only seen her in a couple episodes of 30 Rock and a couple of SNL skits. I plan on watching a lot more 30 Rock. Steve Carell I've seen quite a bit of and he's pretty much playing his typical style of comedy.

For a decent mix of comedy and action, this movie will certainly satisfy.

Credits begin to roll off to the right, while you get video on the left switching between the end of the movie where Steve Carell and Tina Fey are comically making out in front of the house and bloopers or alternate takes. Eventually the credits roll alone. And at the end of the movie, there is an alternate take or two on the scene where they come back to the restaurant.


My favorite part in the movie is the dancing scene. Sexy robot.
My second favorite part in the movie is when the return to the restaurant. "Sam I am."
The coolest part in the movie is when the two cars are joined together.
The most surprising part in the movie is when Tina Fey counts to three at the end of the movie.


So I was able to watch the beginning that I had missed. Yay! I also paid attention to the DA holding the broom this time around, since Josh mentioned it. But I fell asleep at the part where they are headed to Central Park. The next time I remember opening my eyes for a little was when they are admitted to see the DA. And then I'm pretty sure certain scenes were omitted. Though I was so sleepy I couldn't be certain. For sure when I woke up during the credits, the alternate scene that plays after the credits in theatre was omitted.

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