Movie Crash (2004)

Watched 1st-3rd quarter
Watched 20100710 (DVD)
Crash (2004) Paul Haggis. 112 min.

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This movie is exciting. And it has something in common with another great movie, Inception. Of course, I watched this movie before Inception, but I haven't gotten around to the review until after watching Inception. Fried Green Tomatoes kind of does the same, but its not as profound when you find out what the first scene is about, and the revelation happens some time in the middle of the movie as opposed to near the end.

I'm a little uncertain about how I feel towards the scenes with just music playing and the camera focuses on different characters. Sometimes parts of the scenes have the right feel, and sometimes it didn't. But that is a minor issue and overall I liked the movie.

Suddenly, I realized that I liked the ending of Crash nearly as much as the ending of Inception. Something about these two movies captures what makes a great movie.

This movie might not be for everyone, but everyone should give this movie a try. Hope you enjoy or have enjoyed it.

First Impressions:
the story at 28 is so sweet; of course i remember what happens later and so it means more.
i don't know what to make of the situation prior to 36. i guess stereotypically, the shop owner thinks everybody who is not of his race whats to cheat him... i think that happens of immigrants a lot. a lack of trust. and to some extent... its intuitive and confusing, that's why the sandra bullock incident came up earlier in the movie... she was afraid but didn't say anything, it's a double-edged sword. and ironically the one dude was talking about stereotypes and yet follows them rather than breaking them.
trying to do what's right, led in confusion. it must be frustrating to try and do the right thing
@37 he did the smoke thing
@40 This is where a bad guy has something to pity. it's like the kid with the messy writing that you rag on and it turns out its for some legitimate reason
What is a district attorney?
@48 the pity grows. at the same time this guy grows as an ass, and shaniqua johnson sticks it to him
Communication creates obstacles. Something simple as "he told you you should have fixed the door" didn't register
@56 Negligence... But for not speaking farsi, we don't know how the translation goes
@1hr Redeeming event... pass or fail? watch the movie!
@1:18 damn, that was intense for Ryan Phillipe's character
"Look at me. You embarrass me. You embarrass yourself."
1:20... omg here's the scene. TEAR JERKING.
What's the relevance of 1:25? (slipping)
1:30 irony... (he could have just listened and not put his hand in his pocket...)
beginning scene begins, and from what we've learned... things will begin to close up
Ah the wife "blake" crashed on her way to the hospital...
A death made explicit
The Iranian is a doctor.
That's cold... the relationship between the mom and son... The cop could have said, "I brought home the groceries," but he didn't.
Haha, that's why...
@1:39 This is the relevance of 1:25? I don't follow... I guess it leads to what comes at 1:40.
Very ending, appropriate. But overall, you have only a sense of closure overall with all the stories. And it fits the overall theme of the story.

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