2010072X FINAL CRISIS #1 D.O.A.: The GOD of WAR!
FINAL CRISIS by Morrison Jones Mahnke

2010072X, 20100725:
Being unfamiliar with so many characters, and not paying that much attention to the drawings as the text, I have to do a lot of flipping back and forth to understand the plot. Of course I don't mind, it's fun looking through and seeing the drawings over and over. I begin to familiarize myself with the different characters that I haven't heard of before.

As far as comic magazines or comic books go, I haven't read many. As far as I can remember, I read about four or five comics as a kid. An issue of Sonic, an issue of Superman, an issue of Donald Duck, two issues of Mickey Mouse, an issue of Uncle Scrooge, and an issue or two of something else; I can determine this next time I return to my home in California. Then my first consistent exposure to comics was sometime in college when a friend introduced me to Death Note. I read several volumes before stopping. Not because it was getting bad. On the contrary, it was because it was getting addicting. Then some time passed and I read one or two books from Frank Miller's Sin City. Then, not too long ago, I started reading Tite Kubo's Bleach. Somewhere during that time frame, I read Jeph Loeb's Batman: The Long Halloween. I plan to finish FINAL CRISIS and INFINITE CRISIS before allowing myself to buy more volumes of Bleach.

In any case, FINAL CRISIS #2 ended dramatically with the reunion of the three different incarnations of the Flash.

I broke my plan of finishing FINAL CRISIS and INFINITE CRISIS before buying more volumes of Bleach. It's okay. After getting a dose of Bleach, it got me to reading the next issue in FINAL CRISIS.

Wikipedia Links to Characters I'm Unfamiliar with:
Renee Montoya
"Shazam" -> Captain Marvel -> Captain Marvel Jr.
Motherboxxx -> Mister Miracle
Sonny Sumo
Super Young Team - Apparently first in FINAL CRISIS
Atomic Knight

Wikipedia links to Characters I'm Familiar with:
Green Arrow
Black Canary

So the cover page was Superwoman. And the page after that was a weird depiction of Wonder Woman. Weird until you get to the end of the issue. So the plot thickens. It definitely helped to look up the majority of names I came across. I decided to not look every unfamiliar name up, but I did quite a handful.

It's interesting how Superman can be so powerful. Because essentially there used to be many people from Krypton, and I guess he's all that's left. And I thought he was only powerful on Earth. The article on Superman had the following:
The source of Superman's powers has changed subtly over the course of his history. It was originally stated that Superman's abilities derived from his Kryptonian heritage, which made him eons more evolved than humans.[72] This was soon amended, with the source for the powers now based upon the establishment of Krypton's gravity as having been stronger than that of the Earth. This situation mirrors that of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter. As Superman's powers increased, the implication that all Kryptonians had possessed the same abilities became problematic for writers, making it doubtful that a race of such beings could have been wiped out by something as trifling as an exploding planet. In part to counter this, the Superman writers established that Kryptonians, whose native star Rao had been red, only possessed superpowers under the light of a yellow sun.[99] More recent stories have attempted to find a balance between the two explanations.
I guess in the end it all makes sense. If it was not for their impending doom, they would not have sent away Kal-el. His nature comes from where he grew up, Earth. And as such, he uses his powers for good, not evil.

After some additional reading, it seems that Superman stores our yellow sun for power and he would grow weak under a non-yellow star solar system. I knew the yellow sun made him powerful, but I really wondered what happens when he doesn't get the yellow sun. I suppose if the Justice League ever runs into a problem in a non-yellow star solar system then they would exclude Superman from the task.

I like finding out what is written on the gravestone.


  1. I have some batman comics if you wanna read while we're both in Orange County. Of course all my comics feature Harley Quinn though haha. Ooh one of them doesn't! Arkham Asylum. But yeah, addiction is dangerous. Especially when you find out it's like 50 volumes long >.> and then you can't stop.

  2. I can't wait to read your comics! Speaking of addicting, on various days, I would walk into Barnes and Noble to see if they stocked volumes 14, 15, and 16 of Bleach. On the one hand I knew I could place an order for them, but on the other I was like, I have a bunch of things I can read. But today (20100807) I couldn't help it and asked that they be ordered.