Capoeira 20100720

The below is intended to be review for those who attended class. It is NOT intended to be instructional. Corrected "cocarinha" to "cocorinha."

Au x 3.

Down the floor in partners:
The following instructions would be for the person facing North when the two are heading East. The person facing South and heading East should replace left with right and vice versa.
Right leg back.
Ginga to the right.
Left leg back.
Bring the back leg forward to the right foot.
The front leg comes around and back.
Thus your hips are facing away from your partner.
Bring your upper body down and look in between your legs at your partner.
Bring the left leg in towards your right leg, in a cocorinha position.
Then macaco back in the direction you came from. Do your best to look at your partner.
Finish in center, esquiva-to-the-left position.

Advanced (Netta, Senzala): Do above, but with macaco transition to the head.
Intermediate: Do above.
Beginner: Do above, but with au instead of macaco.


Armada + martelo combo.
After finishing back with armada, throw the martelo with the same leg that kicked the armada.
It's difficult to describe the dynamics that should go into a martelo.
We practiced a couple in lines. Then paired up in partners, one person kicking and the other person raising his/her hand as a target. I can't remember though, if the partner exercise was just the martelo, or included the armada. In any case, there was practice happening.