Capoeira 20100715

The below is intended to be review for those who attended class. It is NOT intended to be instructional. Corrected "quexada" to "queixada." Replaced "mid troca" with "esquiva baixa."

Again, I came to class but didn't train.

Esquiva baixa, negativa, role + meia lua (the meia lua de compasso is being done in the direction of the role)
Beginners and Intermediate: After finishing back, queixada
Advanced: After finishing back, the front leg steps back, the former back leg steps across and forward to begin a meia lua de compasso in the opposite direction. Then on the same pivot foot, throw a second meia lua de compasso. Finish with a queixada.

Beginners and Intermediate take turns on the floor with the Advanced. When you're not on the floor you're doing crunches.

Slightly different transcription of the above:
Meia lua de compasso + esquiva + ginga
Beginners and Intermediate: Esquiva baixa, negativa, meia lua de compasso + ginga
Advanced (Chu Chu, Duquesa, Netta, Nico, Sapucaia, Senzala): Meia lua de compasso to one side. Front leg comes back. Back leg steps across and forward. Meia lua de compasso twice in the ther direction. Finish with queixada.
Pescador stresses that when throwing the quexada, your stance should be low, and your kick should be strong. He stresses these points class after class.

5 minutes to play. Everybody should play 5 times each.
Well from 8:55 to 9:06 we have the following:
Graca Sapucaia Nico Jana Pescador Cortney ChuChu Dominic Grace Karin Pescador Netta (1) Senzala ChuChu Shasha Pescador (2) Jason Matt George Pescador (3) Senzala Jana Sapucaia ChuChu Pescador Audrie Dominic Grace (4) Pescador Netta Joe Jana Cortney Sapucaia Matt ChuChu Nico Mike Pescador Karin Jana Sapucaia (5) George Cortney Matt Senzala (6) Pescador Nico (7) Joe George

My Highlights:
(1) Netta: Nice au + back walkover into queda de rin
(2) Pescador: Meia lua'd into queda de rin and into trap
(3) Pescador: Does his queda de rin with two legs bending in
(4) Pescador: Bridge + spin on hand
(5) Sapucaia: Does a low sweep instead of a meia lua de compasso
(6) Pescador: Tesoura
(7) Nico: Beija flor

High Frequency Players:
8 Pescador
4 ChuChu
4 Sapucaia
3 Cortney
3 George
3 Jana
3 Matt
3 Nico
3 Senzala

30 Crunches (lift legs and pump hands up and down)
20 Crunches (put hands on the ground, bring chest and legs up and down in tandem)
30 Crunches (the first kind)
20 Crunches (the second kind)
Turn over and push up from the ground, stretching out your abs.


  1. So instead of training you were spying on us?!



  2. It's one of the advantages of being a Mosca. It's just a matter of staying out of everybody's hair, and when nobody notices you, you can just spy from far away. :)


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