Capoeira 20100713

I trained on 20100706 and 20100708, but not today. I just felt like watching.

Switch exercise
Switch down the floor

I didn't transcribe these two exercises, but they involved staying low to the floor in various esquiva positions. They practice switching between the esquivas, moving in, and moving out.

Meia lua de frente + Armada
This combination has you meia lua de frente and instead of finishing back, finish across to begin the armada.

Meia lua de compasso

Last Thursday's Partner exercise.
A: Right leg back, B: Left leg back
A: Steps forward to the right, and fake armada
B: Steps forward to the left, and responds to the fake by going into mid troca
A: Returns the left leg that was brought across for the fake armada back to the center
B: Started switching from mid troca into negativa and is beginning role.
A: Needs to quickly head B off with the right leg.
B: Switch from the right hand to the left hand so that you can begin moving in the opposite direction (respond to A's attempt to block you off). The left leg then comes out and then the right leg comes across in a role.

Note: at STAR, B has several options. If you were quick enough, then A failed to cut you off. If you had enough momentum, you would just plow through A and A would lose balance or fall. If A did get close enough, you could just give the back of A's knee a kick and get A to fall that way. Thus, A needs to insure an element of surprise, so that B can't process how to react. A can also in one fluid motion bring his hind leg (in this example the left leg) to block B's other direction.

Note: Last Thursday, the above exercise was given. But today, Pescador added an element that would help introduce reaction. This is exactly the type of element that should be involved in all exercises, at least for intermediate and advance students. The element is to try to finish the role. Only switch if you didn't make it. Thus this encourages B to react, and A to be faster.

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