Movie Six Days Seven Nights (1998)

Maybe once or twice before, at least bits and pieces
Watched 20100604 For the record I'll say I've seen the movie at least twice before.
Six Days Seven Nights (1998)

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Delightful movie. Plenty of funny parts. David Schwimmer's acting was okay for some parts of the movie, but there were many parts where I thought his character didn't fit the feel of the movie. The movie has a good mix of action. Harrison Ford looks old in this movie.


I suppose the only detail to be overlooked is the pirates' bad aim and stupidity. Makes for a suspenseful getaway, but a little unbelievable.


Harrison Ford was born July 13, 1942.
Anne Heche was born May 25, 1969.
In 1998, they were about 56 and 29 years old, respectively.

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