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Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

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This movie did okay. Actually overall, under okay. In pieces, it has great scenes. I, frankly, sided with Clyde (Gerard Butler's character) more than Nick (Jamie Foxx's character). Mainly because, while Clyde is the criminal and murderer, Nick's pride is at the core of all the problems. Nick's pride was so strong at first, that he even refused a deal that consisted of trading a bed for a confession. That's ridiculous. And then there was a similar situation when Nick didn't get Clyde released by 6. And even Leslie Bibb's character Sarah asked Nick if she was working with him for something more than just a high conviction rate. The movie emphasized it so much, that it was just ridiculous. It made for a bad ending.

We watched all the special features except for the trailer mash-up, which Josh said was bad.

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