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Watched 20100625 (DVD)
K-PAX (2001)
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A little into the movie, I pinned this one to being close in plot to Don Juan DeMarco. The difference in the two is that K-PAX takes a more serious tone whereas Don Juan DeMarco's takes a lighter, comedic tone. Nevertheless, K-PAX has its light moments and Don Juan has its serious moments.

Continuing to compare the two, I find that K-PAX had me believing the patient for the majority of the movie, while Don Juan had me on the fence for the majority of the movie.

Being a more serious movie, K-PAX is able to stir up questions regarding the way humans live. Thus, despite being similar in story to Don Juan, as a whole, it is a deeper, and thus overall a better movie than Don Juan. UPDATE: I take this back... I liked how Don Juan kept me on the fence about the patient. I also liked the ending of Don Juan a lot, whereas I didn't know what to make of the ending to K-PAX. As such, I would pair the movies together, with Don Juan just being a little better.

Remark: I haven't said this before, but it is important for the reader to distinguish between objective and subjective comments. It isn't black and white, but it helps in communicating ideas. Commenting on the tone of a movie is ideally objective. Saying one movie is better than another movie is definitely subjective.

At the end of the credits, Dr. Mark Powell is shown looking up at the sky and then walking away.

I took a look at various special features, I'll comment on them at another time. Some deleted scenes were just ridiculously non-informational, one would have swayed the movie too quickly. Some were ridiculously short, and some were long. The alternate ending was more or less the same as the ending put in the movie. Watching it made me realize something about the ending that I wouldn't have figured, it's minor, but I'll leave it out of the post.

As mentioned in one of the special features, this movie does have a little of everything, so it's a good movie to watch if you haven't seen it.

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