Movie Cat Ballou (1965)

Watched 20100626 (Netflix, Instant)
Cat Ballou (1965) Elliot Silverstein. 97 min.

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Why can't all movies be like this one? I love it. Simple as that.

I will elaborate. This movie is witty, charming, and has great music. The cast was also great.

Both Cool Hand Luke (1967) and this movie had banjo music, and that makes me want a banjo!

Perhaps part of the reason I like this movie so much, is that I don't think I've watched any Westerns all the way through, at least none that I can remember. The only name that comes to mind is the Magnificent Seven, and I can't remember watching all of that movie. As such, I'll say this is the first Western I've watched, and it was great. [20110515: On 20110112, I discovered I had seen many movies which are considered Westerns prior to having seen Cat Ballou. Though in spirit, it can remain my first Western. See the List of Westerns I've Seen (chronological).

Credits show up one by one at the opening, and then come up all at once at the end on one screen.

Note: Jane Fonda, who plays Cat Ballou, is Henry Fonda's daughter. Henry Fonda played the "lone dissenter" in 12 Angry Men (1957).


What a bad-ass, his own brother.


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