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The Blues Brothers (1980) John Landis. 133 min

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All the musicians make this movie great. However, a lot of the scenes were over the top for me. With that being said, I'll have to watch this movie again sometime; it has its moments.

Similarly, the Consensus on Rotten Tomatoes says, "Too over the top for its own good, but ultimately rescued by the cast's charm, director John Landis' grace, and several soul-stirring musical numbers."

Instant Comments:
Lol, this movie had a strange start. And then stranger still when Dan Aykroyd takes the cop car and jumps the bridge.
I love Ray Charles's scene.
Lol at Carrie Fisher as the Mystery Woman.
A lot of the situations are just weird. Oh, and how they constantly wear sunglasses.
Lol, which they make reference to the end.
Oh I know which scene was just ridiculous; the scene where the cops are chasing the Jake (Belushi) and Elwood (Aykroyd) and they seem to hit every store possible in the mall.
Whoa, I didn't realize that the person singing Aretha Franklin's song was Aretha herself! Nor did I realize James Brown was the reverend. And um... I guess all the other musicians playing as themselves... Lol.
And it's funny to watch the Ong-bak: The Thai Warrior (2003) car chase scene and then the final chase scene in this movie, where you get a ridiculous number of vehicles in a chase and a ridiculous number of cars crash for the same reason. Ridiculous. Haha, great movie for being ridiculous.
Lol, a great amount of the last chase scene is just ridiculous.


End credits go through cast. But it refers to the Blues Brothers as Jake and Elwood. Haha, and then the crew is mentioned in bulk.
Then when credits scroll, it begins with cast by appearance. Four police departments. Fire department. Chicago. Illinois.

Cab Calloway.
John Lee Hooker.

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