Movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

Watched once before on DVD
Watched 20100622 (DVD)
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) Adam McKay. 94 min.

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Check out the Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy page at

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What a collection of actors. A good small laugh here and there. I like the spoofs of West Side Story. After reading the production notes, while it might reduce the humor and make a movie harder to film, a scripted take followed with improvised takes makes adds a different sort of style. Good enough comedy, especially if you're a fan of Will Ferrell.

LOL: 60% of the time, it works every time.

20 scenes
Fell asleep soon after "I'm Ron Burgundy?" (end of 8).
Though my eyes were open and closed during the "yazz" flute (scene 9)
I woke up at Corningstone's sign off (part of 14).
Thus, I watched scenes 9 through 14 over after finishing the movie.

Credits roll with scene takes. The scene takes end when the songs start rolling. Then at the end there's a scene that follows after the first encounter with the second best news team.

DVD Menu:
Note, each page in the DVD menu has a short line from one of the characters.

Special Features:
*Bloopers - most are okay, some good ones
*"Afternoon Delight" music video - haha
*A Conversation with Ron Burgundy - pretty good watch
*Ron Burgandy at the MTV Movie Awards -
"My first question for you is. You are electric."
Ron just interviews Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, which is a little funny.
*ESPN Audition - Ron Burgundy auditions for "Espin." Sort of funny.
*Deleted Scenes - most are alternate scenes. so many. the best one was "Secret Admirer." Second best was "Ron's Interview Style." Actually, "Doug or Glenn" might be second best. So many though...
*Cast just has information on the main cast. I only skimmed through Will Farrell.
Filmmakers is also just text.
*Production Notes - I read the majority. Started skimming at the end where they talked about the set and how they didn't feel the need to accurately portray everything in the 70's. But to get the feel.

Will Ferrell ... Ron Burgundy
Christina Applegate ... Veronica Corningstone
Paul Rudd ... Brian Fantana
Steve Carell ... Brick Tamland
David Koechner ... Champ Kind
Fred Willard ... Ed Harken
Chris Parnell ... Garth Holliday
Kathryn Hahn ... Helen
Fred Armisen ... Tino
Seth Rogen ... Eager Cameraman
Paul F. Tompkins ... MC
Danny Trejo ... Bartender
Scot Robinson ... Waiter at Tino's
Ian Roberts ... Stage Manager
Darcy Donavan ... Hot Blonde
Renee Weldon ... Petite Brunette
Jerry Minor ... Tino's Bassist
Holmes Osborne ... Director
Charles Walker ... Security Guard
Shira Piven ... Mother
Lili Rose McKay ... Child
Thomas E. Mastrolia ... Biker Guy
Jay Johnston ... Eyewitness News Member
Peter A. Hulne ... Man in Kitchen (as Peter Hulne)
Laura Kightlinger ... Donna
Adam McKay ... Custodian
Joseph T. Mastrolia ... Custodian
Judd Apatow ... News Station Employee
Debra McGuire ... News Station Employee
Kent Shocknek ... Network Reporter
Monique McIntyre ... Yelling Woman
Bob Rummler ... Bum
Chuck Poynter ... Announcer
Esmerelda McQuillan ... Middle Class Mother (as Esmeralda McQuillan)
Angela Grillo ... Elderly Woman
Lionel Allen ... Wealthy Family Father
Trina D. Johnson ... Wealthy Family Mother
Mary Alice G. Goodin ... Wealthy Family Child
Yasmine Nickle ... Wealthy Family Child (as Jasmine Nicole Jackson)
Fred Dresch ... Doctor
Glen Hambly ... Middle Class Dad
Stuart Gold ... Nursing Room Resident
Bill Kurtis ... Bill Lawson - Narrator (voice)
Luke Wilson ... Frank Vitchard
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Joe Flaherty ... Texas TV Station Manager (scenes deleted)
Ben Stiller ... Arturo Mendes
Dave Allen ... Fondue Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Ossie Beck ... Reporter 2 (uncredited)
Jimmy Bennett ... Tommy (uncredited)
Jaimarie Bjorge ... Brick's Kitchen Girl (uncredited)
Jack Black ... Motorcyclist (uncredited)
Dario Deak ... Reporter Smith (uncredited)
Mark Hengst ... Cameraman (uncredited)
Ariane Von Kamp ... Woman at Pool Party (uncredited)
Jake McKinnon ... Bear (uncredited)
Missi Pyle ... Zoo Keeper (uncredited)
Tim Robbins ... Public TV News Anchor (uncredited)
Scott St. Blaze ... News cameraman (uncredited)
Jerry Stiller ... Man in Bar (uncredited)
Vince Vaughn ... Wes Mantooth (uncredited)
Matthew Vlahakis ... Zoologist with Panda in Doug or Glen scene (uncredited)

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