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I learned that bidding on an auction goes clockwise. From the rule book:
The player chooses one power plant from the actual market (top row) and then makes a bid to purchase it (the player must bid at least the minimum bid (number of the
power plant), but may start with a higher bid. Continuing in clockwise order, the other players can make higher bids or pass.

Other than this, I don't think we've made any other serious errors. Forgetting to remove the smallest or largest power plant during the bureaucracy phase, when the number of cities exceeds a plant on the market, or when step 2 is triggered are all likely possibilities. It's clear to remember to remove a plant after the step 3 card comes up, because instead of 8 (6) plants showing in the market there needs to be 6 (4) plants.

It's been a while since I've played and it took me some time to re-read the rules I had forgotten.

At one point, there were two consecutive takebacks, though the latter takeback was arguably still within the player's turn.

In the late game, I observed we had stalemated to Stage 3, and a couple turns after I made the mistake of rushing. It kind of worked out, but I could have done better.

Today I thought playing safe was the best strategy. But playing safe resulted in more risks and a loss.

Unfortunately, part of the reason I needed to implement the strategy was because we couldn't agree on whether we should or shouldn't be aware of each other's monetary values.

This is certainly dependent on the player. Some players would agree that that such information should be public. To hide it gives an unfair advantage to any player with extremely good memory. Furthermore, since a player can keep track of the information via pen and paper (certainly not against the rules), it might as well be public. Making the information public results in well-informed actions, but not necessarily a guaranteed victory.

In the end, we played the end game with hidden money and this caused an interesting end, because it cast doubt on what I should do. If I tried to end the game, I might lose due to building less cities or having less money.

What ended up happening was the game dragged out and allowed other players to claim good power plants and catch up.

On a different note, the interesting multiplayer dilemma is having a player (who may clearly be out of the running for a win) who can screw the other players over.

[20170305 Edit]

Played 20100627 Game 1 SteveN MichaelT StephanieH JoshK TimT. Germany. Removed Brown. FirstGameRules. TimT won. 2115-2305PDT 1hr50min. 18-19min/round. 3-4min/player.
Played 20100627 Game 2 SteveN MichaelT DanielM StephanieH JoshK TimT. Germany. Removed Green. JoshK won. 2324-2636PDT 3hr12min. 21-22min/round. 3-4min/player.
Played 20100628 MichaelT JoshK TimT. Germany. Removed Brown, Purple, and Blue. MichaelT won. 2226-2444PDT 2hr18min. 10-11min/round. 3-4min/player.
Played 20101222 MichaelT KevinH SteveN JoshK TimT. Brazil. Removed Brown. TimT won. 2218-2559PST 3hr41min. 24-25min/round. 4-5min/player.
Played 20101226 MichaelT KevinH SteveN JoshK TimT. Spain & Portugal. Removed Red. MichaelT won. 2113-2325PST 2hr12min. 14-15min/round. 2-3min/player.
Played 20101229 JoshK MichaelT SteveN TimT. Korea. Removed Purple and Yellow. MichaelT won. 2140-2403PST 2hr23min. 14-15min/round. 3-4min/player.
Played 20110102 SteveN JoshK KevinH TimT. Russia. Removed Purple and Brown. KevinH won. 2050-2250PST 2hr00min. 13-14min/round. 3-4min/player.
Played 20110531 LaurenB JohnR TimT. Germany. Removed Purple, Green, and Brown. FirstGameRules. LaurenB won. 2010-2101EDT 0hr51min. 8-9min/round. 2-3min/player.
Played 20160502 TinD CrystalT TimT. Germany. Removed X, Y, and Z. CrystalT won.

Power Grid (2004)

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