Game Power Grid 20100627 Game 2

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Played 20100627 Game 2 SteveN MichaelT DanielM StephanieH JoshK TimT. Germany. Removed Green. JoshK won. 2324-2636PDT 3hr12min. 21-22min/round.

Start game at about 11:24
End round 1 at about 11:44 (20 min)
End round 2 at about 12:08 (24 min)
End round 3 at about 12:26 (18 min)
End round 4 at about 12:46 (20 min)
End round 5 at 1:01 (15 min)
End round 6 at about 1:20 (19 min)
End round 7 at 1:44 (24 min)
End round 8 at 2:05 (21 min)
End round 9 at about 2:36 (31 min)
End clean-up at about 2:44

12 14 14 11 15 06 cities
16 14 16 15 16 12 cities able to supply
20 39 07 11 01 16 money
04 02 03 05 01 06 place

Detail Round 7:
Okay so here's the thing, card counting, would result in six cards being under the phase 3 card, but there were only four under and two on top. That means we missed taking care of the bureaucracy phase twice. Then there was some confusion on where cards should have ended up during that phase. But I just arbitrated the situation by discarding the 23 to the discard pile, six in the draw pile, and six up for auction.
We also clarified that while the phase 3 card came up during phase 5, step 3 begins at the next phase, which is phase 1, therefore stock of phase 5 is still carried out under the re-supply numbers of step 2.

Detail Round 8:
19 25 32 36 37 40 up for auction

Detail Round 9:
25 32 36 38 42 50 up for auction
Stephanie bought 50 for 79
Steve short 2 Elecktro for cities because he bought too many garbages
Josh was down by three for something. But he found alternative purchases and made off with one extra city to win the game.
Unfortunately for Michael, he couldn't supply enough cities even if he could.

20100627 Game 2:
I should have not placed in purple.
I should have gone with my first thought on playing on the cheap area near Josh.

I had forgotten that the other side of the Germany board was USA. This game is fabulous. I already put my order in for the other expansions. I look forward to playing a bunch of Power Grid.

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