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Price and rules for all-you-can-eat.
Note: This picture is outdated and the prices have increased by at least $1.
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I've been here once prior to 20100601.

Today's buffet experience is located at the following: 20100601.

Today's buffet experience is located at the following: 20110624.

Selection of cut-rolls.
Today's buffet experience is located at the following: 20120107.

Today's buffet experience is located at the following: 20120709.

Today's buffet experience is located at the following: 20120824.

Lobster Roll
For the first time ever, I came here and ordered a single entree instead of choosing the buffet experience!

Unfortunately, even before my order came out, I was disappointed with the gari (pickled ginger); it tasted awful.

Upon receiving my lobster roll, I was surprised at its small size. I thought to myself, "What the heck!?"

Overall, the roll was subpar and I could only recommend coming to Sagami-Tei for the all-you-can-eat. 8:52PM PT

Yelp Review:
I've been here at least six times for the AYCE sushi lunch. I believe the selection is the same as the sushi dinner, only cheaper by about $4. Overall, I find the experience has declined with each visit. I'm uncertain of the reason, but I'll just say that if you can eat a lot, the average tasting sushi will certainly be worth the price tag.

My recommendations include the stinky roll, the lobster roll, the tuna (nigiri), the mussel, the alaska roll, and the spider roll.

I personally like the regular stinky roll better than the stinky grilled shrimp roll and the lobster roll better than the popcorn lobster roll.

Don't get the caterpillar roll, it doesn't come out anything like pictured in the menu.

On a different note, I find you should come with at least three people (who will participate in the AYCE), but probably no more than six. With more people, you can order different rolls and have a little of everything. But you don't want to have too many people, because the sushi bar is short and can only fit so many customers. The restaurant will start using the tables nearby when the bar is full. On my last visit, my family and I were a party of four and we were seated at a nearby table. It's certainly more crowded on the weekends than on the weekdays.

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