Video Game Loom (1990)

Loom (1990)

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Listened to audio drama 20090722
Listened to audio drama 20090728
Played 20100529 Completed
Played 20121220

This is the first time I listened to the audio drama. Josh and I just listened to it going down Pacific Coast Highway. Awesome story.

I enjoyed the story enough the first time to listen to it again. Daniel and Stephanie join Josh and I to listen to the story.

Josh has played Loom before and has been wanting Stephanie and I to play it for a long time. Ever since listening to the audio drama. It has finally happened. So we already had the Book of Patterns printed out. According to Wikipedia drafts change from game to game so I can describe notes of the game here. You can consider it a walkthrough and/or SPOILER. The game was short and fun. I guess it was easier for me, since I didn't have to do the clicking. But the puzzles were usually simple, and Josh was there to help and give hints. Perhaps without his help it would have take an extra 2 or 3 hours to complete. As it was, we took about 2.33 hours to complete the game.


Items in braces are not in the original notes.
"|" denotes a return in the original notes.
{Started at 3:50 PM}
opened egg
learned dyeing
J: {try doing the} opp{osite action}
practiced it
thorn->rabbit|->fourth owl
J: Grave{stone} 7983-8004|Lady Cygna Threadbare
learn nightvision draft
dark tent.
straw to gold|w/new draft
obtained F.
J: can do tune backwards
bottle: GEED
to top {of mountain} opened|the sky
J: graveyard {?}
played it|backwards|to remove|{the} tornado
DEEG|fills bottle|in crystal||place {no effect}
{in the} Dome|{we read about} Final clarity {no meaning}
Learned invisible
left after|trying all drafts {on four shepards}
after enough|hints from|Josh we}used {the invisibility} spell on|the workers in the tower {from outside, click on the tower}
EFFE in|Crystal ball
w/shepard|{we learned} EFFE|=TERROR
ACCA (healing)
from baby|sheep we|learn we need|to protect|sheep
we {realized} after|{trying} invisibility|and terror {to}|turn {the} sheep|green {to camouflage them from the dragon}
{turning the} dragon's gold|to straw|gives {the note} A|fixed gold
funny dragon
try ACCA, AAAG {to no avail}
CDEA {is a draft with A we forgot to try}
{it is} awake
AEDC|{is the draft} to {make someone} sleep
she's snoring|fire
gold to|straw
go through|new exit
darkness|on the right
use empty|draft
dry lol
so fill before|we leave {you don't need to}
repair costs|must be|spiraling {is what you say when you click on the spire}
not healing {draft}
healed him
go to|right
open gate
J: reflection
(he {Josh} told us|we recently|{that we} learned {a} new|spell)
Rusty died
Story goes
open door
fill wood {no consequence}
we realized|(S{tephanie} & I) that|the scythe|spell was|sharpening
we need to|dull it {,the sword}
open door
listen {to story}
try to touch|{the} sphere
{story will progress}
CAAC guy dies
go inside|{the} go out|and story|proceeds
J: if you tried|to leave|before healing|him he would||not let you go
Heal shepards
talk to crystal dude
repair {portals} by|heal spell
close spell works
Got B.
He {,evil dude} used|BCCC|= silence|on Hetchel
we undo
CBCB|unroast|BCBC|= roast
BCCB|on Hetchel
on Loom
got C'
C'FGC|Transcendence|on back {of Book of Patterns}
end|@6:09 pm
end credits|{@}6:13.


While looking for what games I haven't posted about, I noticed there were games which I have posted about, but don't have any screenshots. The first post for which I decided to attend to was Loom. Note that I acquired the game on December 27, 2010 during the Steam Winter Sale 2010 as part of the Lucasarts Adventure Bundle, about four months after playing the game on Josh's computer.

In any case, I loaded the game on STANDARD.


I explored the lower village, opened Hetchel's egg, opened the clam for the bird, scared away the owl, opened the sky, went to the tornado, and considered myself stuck. Without knowing how to save I exited the game.


I started it the game up again. To no surprise, the game I left was gone and so I started yet another game, but this time on EXPERT. For expert, you don't get to see the notes being played. Thus you have to listen to the tones and figure the notes out. I also did an internet search on how to save the game: just press F5 to pull up the save/load game menu.

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