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Minus the way the movie dealt with time travel, this movie was fun to watch.

Time Travel Discussion:
This movie couldn't decide what type of time travel it wanted to work with.

First there's the consistent type of time travel - where everything that has happened via time travel is already in place and nothing is actually being changed. The prime example of this is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Typically the characters involved do not realize their actions were predestined until the story is brought to a full circle. Also knowing something about the future will be part of the cycle that produces exactly how events play out.

Another type of (sci-fi) time theory assumes a frontier of time where changes can be made. Such a theory allows for going to any point in time and make changes, but no matter how hard one tries, one is unable to run into an inconsistency. For example, if you tried to kill your father, you'd always end up failing.

In any case, let's examine the flaw (paradox) of this movie. First, can this movie subscribe to the first theory of time? Well, near the end of the movie, Lewis (protagonist) thinks to himself to simply not invent Doris. So then Doris disappears and everything returns to normal. But if Doris isn't invented, then Bowler Hat Guy wouldn't go back in time and Lewis would not have a reason to not invent Doris. Thus, there can not be a full circle - at least one which involved just one timeline.

In addition, Lewis also fixed the reason for Goob's return to the past. If Goob didn't return (with Doris), then Lewis would have yet another reason not to invent Doris.

While trying to analyze the movie using multiple timelines may be viable, I figured it was better just to enjoy it at face value.

[20151015 Edit]

I started this movie today with no recollection of having seen it before. But just in case, I searched my blog for any pre-existing entry and to my surprise I'd seen it once before (seven and a half years ago - in fact, it was one of the first fifty or so movies I saw after st).

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 91% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs down.

Time Travel Discussion:
As I mentioned in my previous entry, the plot butchers time travel. In particular, there was one scene near the end during which would make a perfect example of fixed-time theory. However, there are an endless number of moments in the film which clearly indicate the plot is not an example of fixed-time theory. As such, why throw in the little fixed-time theory scene?

Instant Comments:
2: Why didn't they mention the peanut allergy sooner.
2: Lol. Caffeine patches. With "no side effects."
2: Who is the voice of the gym teacher? [His name's Don Hall, but I soon realized the voice reminded me of Gronk from The Emperor's New Groove. Gronk was voiced by Patrick Warburton]
2: "Todayland" instead of "Tomorrowland" (Disneyland)
2: Oh, I remember who the Bowler Hat guy is. I remembered after I deduced that he wasn't Lewis.
2: Ha. Tom Selleck.
2: Ha. "Is dinner like this yesterday night?" "No, yesterday we had meatloaf."
2: His P.B. & J machine.
2: Ha. "I have a big head... and tiny arms. I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through. Master?" (references what the frog said earlier)
2: He could have just went back in time and catch the ball.
2: Why did Wilbur disappear? Bowler Hat guy didn't change the past.
2: It's strange because he's technically meeting his future self, but it's not really his future self. Because the future self he's meeting, doesn't remember any of the events which the past self has just experienced.
2: I temporarily went back to see if the same sounds in the opening scene to see how it matched up. It played out exactly as if Wilbur were there.

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Meet the Robinsons (2007)

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