Game In A Pickle

Played 20100524 Sangeeta Stephanie Me Kimmy Josh Steve Stella Tiffany. I won.
In A Pickle (2004)
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[20100524 7:14 PM]
Sanjeeta (Dealt) Steph Me Josh Tiffany
I pickle, win. Josh pickles, wins. Tiffany switches cards.
Steve enters before Tiffany. He plays. Tiffany plays.
Stephanie pickles, Tiffany wins. Kimmy starts in after me.
Stella comes in after Steve.
Note that now we have 8 in a game made for 2 to 6 players.
Steve gets three tries and so we establish if you get challenged and its wrong, you lose. Which is probably implied in the rules.
Sanjeeta pickles, wins. Kimmy pickles, Stella wins.
I'm too a stickler for rules to play this game the way its not being played to the rules. I try to stick it out a couple more rounds.
It was fun just arguing for and against various points.
But the rules aren't clear for everybody, so the game doesn't work for me.
"The taste of danger."
We enjoy using Paul Bunyan-sized and Barbie-sized objects.
At some point we just laugh at hilarious situations.
I, despite not liking the game as its being played, won. Blah.


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