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Played 20100518 Caroline Me. I won. [Basic]

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This is Caroline's first game. She also played well. Of course I gave appropriate suggestions. Sometimes based on a "What I would do" basis, but nothing that would give me the advantage. One such failed suggestion, was instructive on showing Caroline how to get in on increasing her farmers for a farm, to counter or at least keep up with my attempt to increase the farmers on a plot. However, what I didn't realize was that any piece that would connect her farmer to the plot would also connect the one I need to connect to the plot. Again, I realized this after the fact, and at least she was still tied for farmers on the plot. I pointed out at the end of the game that had she been able to win over that farm for herself, she would have won the game. Though perhaps I made it sound easier than it seems, since I wouldn't have given it up without a fight.

Note: When I play any game where there is someone who hasn't played that game before, I will play it in the most instructive way possible. This includes making it as enjoyable to him/her as possible. This doesn't require letting them win. Rather, it requires showing them how to go about winning. Well, at least my ideas about winning. I'll try to recall my past experiences with the game as they come up. I also avoid too many details all at once, since that will only confuse a new player.

For this game, I emphasized that the points of the game can swing quickly. Especially at the end of the game with incomplete structures and the farms. So while you don't get points immediately for farms and they take more planning, they can be worth it.

I let Caroline borrow Carcassonne and Lost Cities.

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