Movie Ma vie en rose (1997)

Watched 20100426 @ Large Viewing Room in Eisenhower Library (French audio, English subtitles)
Ma vie en rose (1997)
also known as My Life in Pink (USA)

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[20100427 12:25 AM]
So while watching this movie, at first I did not know who the protaganist was nor did I know when the movie was made. Both may have changed how I viewed the movie. But as such, here I give my thoughts after I watched it and perhaps if I ever watch it again, I can give my thoughts again. Note: I ended up watching this movie when asked something like, "Do you want to watch a movie where a boy wants to be a girl?" Though I had barely heard the question, I answered "Yes." I was then told the movie wouldbe in French, which wasn't a problem either. In an case, the movie revolves around one strong theme, and having had enjoyed movies so much more by not knowing what they are about, I would just let that be my statement on what the movie is about. One thing I was confused about was how the roles between the parents changed abruptly in the middle of the movie. Or perhaps I was missing something. Granted, this can happen in a family, so not a big deal.

Some scenes got pretty intense with respect to emotional intensity. But again, part of it was not understanding the context of the movie. I'm not sure how the time period and location factor into the issue at hand. But I feel the theme of this movie, while still a problem, is treated differently 10 years later, at least in media. I liked how the movie ended.

Michèle Laroque ... Hanna Fabre
Jean-Philippe Écoffey ... Pierre Fabre
Hélène Vincent ... Élisabeth
Georges Du Fresne ... Ludovic Fabre
Daniel Hanssens ... Albert
Laurence Bibot ... Lisette
Jean-François Gallotte ... Thierry
Caroline Baehr ... Monique
Julien Rivière ... Jérôme
Marie Bunel ... Psychoanalyst
Gregory Diallo ... Thom Fabre
Erik Cazals De Fabel ... Jean Fabre
Cristina Barget ... Zoé Fabre
Delphine Cadet ... Pam
Morgane Bruna ... Sophie

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