Movie Coco avant Chanel

Watched 20100430 (Netflix) (French audio, English subtitles)
Coco avant Chanel (2009)
also known as Coco Before Chanel (UK, USA)

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So I didn't know what this movie was about. But by the title, I had my guess. The cast was great. I found comedy in two of the character Arthur 'Boy' Capel's lines. The first was something like, "I've never undressed you before" and the second was "I love how easy it is to undress you." Both I thought could humorously translated to "you are easy." In any case, the movie revolves around how Gabrielle Chanel, or Coco, enjoys being independent, wants to work for a living, and does not find herself getting married. It takes the path of showing a glimpse of her childhood, then her working both as a seemstress and as a saloon singer. I find biographies to be one of those genres, like the genre of emotional sports movies or turning a group of bad seeds into achievers, a genre which is hard to do wrong; though possible, in general, take a good story and make a good movie. And while there is implied sex, the movie avoids any explicit scenes; this seems fitting to the nature of the film.

The music to this movie was good. I didn't notice for Ma vie en rose, but the positions (in French) are on the left and the names are on the right.

[20100513:] When ranking this movie, I referred to it as bland. It's interesting to note that the two movies, Blind Side and Coco avant Chanel, which I stated you can't go wrong with, because they are based on someone's life story, both performed about the same on the RTA and RTM (67%, 6.1 and 65%, 6.1).

Audrey Tautou ... Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel
Benoît Poelvoorde ... Étienne Balsan
Alessandro Nivola ... Arthur 'Boy' Capel
Marie Gillain ... Adrienne Chanel
Emmanuelle Devos ... Emilienne d'Alençon
Régis Royer ... Alec, le jockey
Etienne Bartholomeus ... Maître d'hôtel Balsan
Yan Duffas ... Maurice de Nexon
Fabien Béhar ... Patron boutique
Roch Leibovici ... Jean, le palefrenier
Jean-Yves Chatelais ... Directeur beuglant
Pierre Diot ... Acteur théâtre
Vincent Nemeth ... Gros homme théâtre
Bruno Abraham-Kremer ... Tailleur Deauville
Lisa Cohen ... Gabrielle Chanel, 10 ans

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