Capoeira 20100408

Note: I suppose what I refer to as a midtroca(sp?) is an esquiva de baixa.

Come to the center, touch the floor, and continue in a big circle.
When you finish the circle, finish back to the other leg. And repeat.
To clarify, right leg back, right leg comes parallel. Body comes down from your left, and up to your right, slightly bending back and finishing body coming down on your left. Left leg finishes back.

Ginga, finish back (right leg back), esquiva de lado (twist to your right), twist back to ginga position, step forward and esquiva (right foot comes parallel and esquiva to the right), then switch and esquiva the other way (to the left). Finish back (left leg comes back).

Down the floor:
In partners:
A: Faces down the floor (Let's say North)
B: Faces A (Faces South)
A: Armada (Let's say to the East, which is A's right)
B: Midtroca (To the East, B's left)
B: Come up and pisao with the leg that's back (B's right leg)
A: Bring your back leg forward (After the Armada, this is your right leg). During this motion you have to bend really low, under the B's kick. Your right leg ends in front of B's right leg. At this point B would fall if you were really pulling the move off. But instead
B: Brings the kick back and drops into midtroca.
A: Brings the leg back.
B: Steps forward into midtroca. (Headed South)
A: Steps backwards as well. (Headed South)
B: Switches legs to the other midtroca.
Now both are back on the same side ginga position and continue.

Now come back with same partner but reversing roles.

Down the floor 2:
Right leg back.
Meia lua de compasso to the right.
Right leg finishes back.
The comes out to the right parallel.
Then plant the left hand down and have the left leg curl around the right to prepare for a chapeu de couro.
Unravel and kick a chapeu de couro (right leg makes the kick).
Right leg finishes back, so that the left leg is in front.
Draw the left leg back to the right leg, and macaco.
For the macaco, since the right leg is coming down second, you can finish back into ginga position, right leg back.
Right leg steps forward a little bit in front of the left foot, and you are rotating clockwise. So when your weight is on your right foot, the left leg can shoot out forward. This can get you inside and closer to whoever you're playing. Perhaps set you up to take them down.

Down the floor 2:
I wasn't paying attention, but the beginners essentially did the same movement, perhaps skipping the chapeu de couro and the macaco.

Same as "Down the floor" except in lines.
Intermediate/Advanced go first. Then Beginners. Then back to I/A. Then B.

For more practice with the instruments, Pescador has four people on berimbaus and two people on pandeiros. We are instructed to play instruments if we know how, otherwise we have to play in the roda.

At some point today, I pulled a muscle that after pulling it, was pretty hard to stretch. It was somewhere in the back of the upper half of my left leg. Stretching my left heel and twisting it a bit to the left sort of got to it. Punching the muscle helped a bit too.

This isn't from this class, but some tips from the past:
You have to play.
You should pick people to try and practice certain elements of your game.

Something that I want to get into my game more is blocking kicks with the hips/waist. This is one of my favorite techniques from another martial art, and I've seen it used in capoeira, just not all too often. It sort of interrupts the flow of the game, but can be a good surprise and/or back up plan in a bind.

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