Capoeira 20100401 Outdoor Roda

Today was such a beautiful day. Most of us came out on the upper quad at 6. Netta was leading some sequences for whoever was interested. Some of us played a bit without a roda. I practiced walking on my hands a bit. And then I tried to do the au sem mao (no-handed cartwheel) a little bit. On one of my attempts, right side coming down first, I let the left side of my left fist pound the ground. This meant I was pretty close, since if I actually used it for support, I would have twisted my wrist; unlike when you support yourself with the palm of your hands. Nico then commented that I should focus on getting the shoulders around, so that the hips and legs want to follow; as opposed to the hips and legs doing the work and then pulling the shoulders up. Maria came with a berimbau. Eventually Sarah came with the atabaque. The ground was nice and soft. The roda was fun. I got a light kick in the head from Sarah. That was easy to recover from. But later someone accidentally kicked me somewhere that a man doesn't want to get kicked. I really didn't see that coming. I played in the roda a lot, even when I was tired, and that might have been part of getting kicked. But having done cross country back in ninth and tenth grade, I have a tendency to go for endurance, where you have to have your mind in the game even when you're tired. We finished around 7:30 or 7:45.

[Actual Post Date and Time 4/2/10 10:07 AM]

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