Capoeira 20100323

The below is intended to be review for those who attended class. It is NOT intended to be instructional. Corrected "quexada" to "queixada." Replaced "midtroca" with "esquiva baixa." Corrected "martelo de sol" to "martelo do chão."

Down the floor:
Sequence 1:
1) Esquiva baixa to the right, i.e., left leg back
2) Kick the left leg straight up
3) Crescent kick the left leg, in to out, i.e., counter-clockwise swing
4) Down to esquiva baixa, i.e., left leg back
5)=1) Step forward into esquiva baixa, i.e., right leg back

Sequence 2:
1) Esquiva baixa to the right
2) Switch to esquiva baixa to the left
3) Bring the back leg, i.e., the right leg, forward into esquiva de lado.
4) Bring the front foot, i.e., the right foot, back; replacing the left foot, which goes back, ending in ginga position. The movement is a sort of hop.
5) Dropping into esquiva baixa
6) Step forward for esquiva de lado, i.e., left foot forward.
7)=1) Twist counter-clockwise going into esquiva baixa to the left.

Sequence 3:
Au with extra half twist
Details: Starting right hand down first, left hand follows, then the left leg lands first. Now normally here the right leg would follow and land about two shoulder lengths in front of the left leg. But instead, bring the right leg behind the left leg, drawing back two shoulder lengths in back of the left leg; another way to view the movement is your right foot is where your left foot started. This motion is done as fluidly as possible. Yet a third way to view the movement is making a 180 clockwise twist after landing with your left foot.

Sequence 4:
Same coming back.

Sequence 5:
B/I: Walk on hands
A: Take 3 steps, then come down on your head, then push up and repeat.

Sequence 6:
Esquiva baixa, fake meia lua, into queda de rin with kick, open up, negativa, up into esquiva, ginga to opposite side and repeat.

Sequence 7:
B/I: A basic sequence focusing on martelo do chão.
A: Sequence 6 but when finishing the queda de rin with kick, make a little twist bringing the one knee through, and going into a martelo do chão.

Sequence 8:
Meia lua de frente + Armada

Sequence 9:
B: Meia lua de compasso + queixada
I/A: Meia lua de compasso + Meia lua de compasso + queixada

Sequence 10:
A: Armada
B: Esquiva and martelo do chão.

[Actual Post Date and Time 4/2/2010 10:20 AM]

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