Capoeira 20100309

The below is intended to be review for those who attended class. It is NOT intended to be instructional. Corrected "cocarinha" to "cocorinha." Corrected "cotacapinha" to "corta capim." Corrected "bensao" to "benção." Corrected "ponche" to "ponte."

Down the floor 1

Down the floor 2
Walk on hands

Down the floor 3
B/I: Ponte, cocorinha, queda de rin, cocorinha
A: When going to queda de rin, draw both legs across instead of tucking knees to chest

Self, then In Partners, then In Roda
Some sequence involving the corta capim (cut grass). Beginners do the simplified corta capim.

Movement only.
Kicks and some movement, but no martelo and no benção.
Open roda.

[Actual Post Date and Time 4/2/10 4:16 PM]

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