Capoeira 20100306 Open Workout

Corrected "bensao" to "bencao."

Once again, I request a mini-au sem mao lesson:
Regular au
Second hand: the first hand wraps around to the back
First hand: the second hand wraps around to the front
Jump and punch: the first foot does a jump/hop, while the second leg does a punch, the au follows with both hands contacting the floor as little as necessary. the goal is to attain air

In playing with Nico, I repeatedly get struck by his chapa and bencao. I slowly learn to make use of it. Note: On 20100309, I use it in the roda against someone else rather successfully. My props to Nico.

Catch bencao with eagle arms

Jump just enough away from chapa, catch their foot, try to sweep leg, can swipe at the knee of the leg you're holding with one of your hands, allowing you to shorten the distance between your foot and his/her foot with your foot, otherwise he/she will keep hopping back and not letting you trip them.

[Actual Post Date and Time 3/13/10 7:06 PM]

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