Capoeira 20100304

The below is intended to be review for those who attended class. It is NOT intended to be instructional. Corrected "cotacapinha" to "corta capim." Replaced "mid troca" with "esquiva baixa."

Oficina de Capoeira trains with us today.

I/A Down the floor:
*esquiva baixa
*corta capim
*(if left leg is out go right) au de cabeza with leg in front
*bring in foot that's in air through to negativa (not down, but through, i.e. when going right, then the right leg is near the ground and the left leg is in the air. Then your body has to twist clockwise to bring the left leg through into negativa.)
*come forward to esquiva (move up and forward, then reach out and into an esquiva to left or right.)

One could go left instead of right, but just to get the same type of ending exercise, which seems to be the focus, then left leg would be near the ground and the right in the air, which at the end comes through by twisting the body counter-clockwise.

It really doesn't matter whether you negativa to the left or right, in the roda, it would depend on which direction they are kicking you

B Down the floor:
*esquiva baixa (say to the right, i.e., left leg back)
*corta capim (then right leg is in front at the end of the move)
*come forward to esquiva (move forward, left hand reaches out, bringing the left leg through first and then the right leg follows parallel, and you esquiva to the left)

Above in Partners:
Ginga with opposite legs back, i.e., counter-ginga. Then do the last movement, except with just enough forward motion to place yourself back in front of your partner.

Above move only.
Kick only.
Open roda.

I was really motivated to train today, as opposed to not training the last three practices (2/23 2/25 and 3/2).

[Actual Post Date and Time 3/13/2010 6:22 PM]

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